3nd iPEN Progress Meeting in Weizmann Institute of Science, 23rd of October 2018

Dear iPEN partners, the 3rd progress meeting will take place in Weizmann Institute of Science on the 23rd of October 2018. The objectives of the meeting will be the following:

  1. Update the consortium with what has been implemented until now
  2. Review what we are missing based on what has been promised / Report problems faced during the 1st year of the project implementation
  3. Report per partner of the progress has been made regarding the development of the offline modules
  4. Q/A actions & External Evaluation
  5. Report per partner of the expenses has been occurred until now
  6. Actions regarding the composition of the forthcoming progress report to be submitted into the EACEA
  7. Plan the future dissemination policy will be followed
  8. Discuss the preparations of the IC will follow (24th – 25th of October 2018) in WIS
  9. The next progress meeting and Intensive Course in Photonics in POLIMI, Milano, Italy (April 2019)

The venue will be at The David Lopatie Conference Centre, please click here to find directions

In this meeting the partners have the funds to participate with two staff. The agenda can be found here . The following personnel have registered into the meeting:

  1. Prof. Ron Blonder (WIS)
  2. Ass. Prof. Konstantinos Petridis (TEIoC)
  3. Prof. Ioannis Kaliakatsos (TEIoC)
  4. Prof. Irit Juwiler (SCE)
  5. Dr Moshe Zohar (SCE)
  6. Prof. Iris Fisher (BGU)
  7. Dr Anastasia Kostopoulou (IESL-FORTH)
  8. Dr Konstantinos Britakis (IESL-FORTH)
  9. Dr Ioannis Lefkos (W2L)
  10. Dr Katerina Zourou (W2L)
  11. Mrs Liat Zuri (TECHNION)
  12. Mrs Bracha Einhoren (HIT)
  13. Dr Naomi Zeitouni (HIT)
  14. Mr Yossi Taylosef (BIU)
  15. Mr Eli Shmueli (MEITAL)

The meeting discussions & Decisions have been video – recorded. The videos & the meetings’ minutes will be uploaded into the iPEN shared google drive files. The meeting was fruitful; it started on Tuesday, 23rd of October 2018 at 0900 and terminated at 1715 hrs.

Very briefly the following decisions were taken:

  1. The partners demonstrated the progress regarding the development of the assigned to them, modules. All of them have reconfirmed the coordinator that the offline form of the assigned modules will be ready in April 2019
  2. MEITAL will send to all the academic personnel develops a course his or her username and passwords to upload the courses onto the iPEN Moodle Platform
  3. W2L will provide a new template for the modules under development in order to contain in its last transparency the EACEA disclaimer
  4. The partners have been informed for the progress report should be submitted in the 14th of April 2019 to the Agency (EACEA). The Israeli partners have been warned that the requested equipment by them should have been purchased within 2018
  5. The coordinator informed the partners that during the next month will request face to face meetings through Skype with the financial officers in order to coordinate the financial statement reports for the progress report the forthcoming April
  6. BIU agreed to have produced the appropriate stickers to be placed in any equipment will be purchased through iPEN project
  7. All the lectures of the 1st Intensive Course will take place from the 24th to the 25th of October 2018 will be video recorded, be edited and will be included among the iPEN modules
  8. The next iPEN progress meeting will be hosted by POLIMI within the facilities of the Physics Department. It will take place on the 13th of May 2019
  9. The next iPEN intensive course in the theme of Laser Physics with applications in nanotechnology will be hosted by POLIMI. It will have a two days duration and will start on the 14th and will be completed on the 15th of May 2019. The lecture program will include (a) lecture session; (b) lab demonstration session; and (c) poster sessions
  10. The progress meeting evaluations‘ results by the participants in the meeting can be found here

Actions to be taken in the next two months:

  1. The lecture program of the next iPEN IC should be released by December 2018
  2. The dissemination material regarding the next iPEN IC should be prepared by December 2018 and be distributed to all iPEN stakeholders
  3. All the Israeli partners should have purchased their requested equipment by December 2018
  4. A questionnaire regarding the Israeli Industry Needs in staff qualified in Photonics should have been released by December 2018
  5. The 1st newsletter regarding the iPEN project outputs for its first year of implementation should be ready by the end of November 2018
  6. The iPEN leaflet should be ready by December 2018
  7. The iPEN banner in English and in Hebrew should be ready by December 2018