3rd Intensive Course in Laser Based Patterning & Sintering Processes, Chair for Electronic Materials and Energy Technology, Department of Materials, FAU, Erlangen, Germany

The 3rd Intensive Course (IC) of the iPEN project will hold from the 4th to the 6th of November 2019, in Erlangen, Germany. The venue will be hosted by the Chair of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology, of the Department of Materials in FAU. The topics of the school will be delivered by Academics from the iPEN consortium and also researchers from FIT4RRI project


The Department of Materials Science where the chair of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technologies locates 


The Intensive Course Poster – please click here to download it 

The organizing committee consists of:

  1. Dr. Miroslaw Batenschuk (FAU) – refer to him for questions regarding the academic activities during the school
  2. Dr. Andres Osvet (FAU)
  3. Dr. Konstantinos Petridis (HMU) – iPEN coordinator

The topics this Intensive Course will cover will be:

  • Laser Fundamentals (Laser Physics, Physics of the Laser Pulses, Laser Safety)
  • Laser Patterning Applications in Electronics and Energy Technology (e.g. sintering, doping and functionalization of materials, laser biomimetics, laser-based printing techniques)
  • Laser-based (a) morphological (e.g. AFM, SEM, TEM); (b) constitutional (Raman, XRD, FTIR); optical (e.g. UV-VIS absorption); (c) electrical; and (d) dynamic (e.g. TRPL) characterization techniques
  • Development of Soft Skills e.g. Presentation in Public, Scientific Writing, Lab Management, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Policies)
  • Journal Club Actions for the students
  • Poster Session for all the participants (up to 25 posters)

The school will involve visits to:

The learning outcomes of the school will be:

  • Learn how to write a scientific abstract
  • Learn how to make a presentation in public
  • Learn how to collaborate with others
  • Learn how to handle conflicts
  • Learn how to implement responsible research
  • Understand the operational principles of various spectroscopic techniques such as XRD, TEM, and SEM
  • Understand the operational principles of the laser patterning and sintering various materials for energy harvesting applications
  • Understand the principles of laser operation

FAU is a world expert in the themes will be presented during the school. Please check in the iPEN Youtube channel the role of the FAU on the frame of the iPEN, please check here 

The lecture program is ready and available – please click here to download it.

All the lectures will be filmed and all the lecture notes will be uploaded on the iPEN Moodle. The lecture hall will be Hall H14 (140 Places, in a corridor between Martensstr. 5 and Martensstr. 7)


The lecture hall H14 where the lectures will take place

K. Zourou - W2L Principles of Scientific Writing


Useful Information Prior to the School 

Each program Country Institution (HMU, POLIMI, Twente, IESL, W2L) has received funds to participate with two lecturers and three students while all the Israeli partners have funds for the participation of two lecturers and six students. The suggested dates of traveling to Erlangen is on the 3rd of November 2019 and depart on the 7th of November 2019. 

The tariffs to be used are the following:

Subsistence Cost Reimbursement: 

Teachers: 120 Euros per day (including the days of traveling)

Students: 55 Euros per day (including the days of traveling)

Travel Cost Reimbursement: Based on the Agency’s Distance calculator the traveling expenses will be covered as follows: (a) each Israeli participant will receive 360 Euros; (b) participants from Hellenic Mediterranean University, IESL – FORTH, and W2L will get 275 Euros; (c) participants from POLIMI and Twende will get 180 Euros

Useful Information on how to travel to Erlangen, accommodation options in Erlangen (for teachers and students), catering options follows:

  • Travel Options how to reach Erlangen (the closest International Airports are Nurenberg and Munich) can be found here
  • The local organizers suggest iPEN lecturers & progress meeting participants’ to stay in Gasterhaus am Heuss – Platz hotel. The cost per night for a double room is 79 Euros and is only ten minutes from the venue – see map below
  • Other accommodation options for teachers in Erlangen can be found here
  • AirB&B in Erlangen, please check here
  • List of hotels in Erlangen is attached here
  • For students, dormitories in Nuremberg will be available. Other options can be (a) A. B. Hotel in Erlangen with the following prises: single room 45 EUR + 5 for breakfast, 65 EUR/day for double room + 5 + 5 for breakfast; and (b) airb&b, please check here fares for the school dates: http://bit.ly/2SFdO3X
  • Bus Network within Erlangen, please check here
  • Lunches and Coffee breaks will be offered by the hosts in the Department’s canteen during the IC’s days for all the participants


Moments from the School!!! 

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  • Visit to Industry of the Future in Nurenberg – please check the short video, here 

After the end of School