4th Progress Meeting, Politecnico di Milano, 13th of May 2019

Dear iPEN partners, the 4th progress meeting will take place in the Physics Department of Politecnico di Milano, in Milano, Italy on the 13th of May 2019. The objectives of the meeting will be the following:

  • What has been implemented until now
  • The timeline of the project until its termination
  • Financial Report and Application for the 2nd Installment
  • Mistakes or Bad Policies to be corrected
  • Quality Assurance Next Actions
  • Dissemination Actions to be planned
  • Forthcoming Intensive Course (in Milano)
  • Next Intensive Course in Erlangen, October 2019

In this meeting, the partners have the funds to participate with two staff. The agenda can be found here. The meeting venue in google maps can be found here – (Room Rossa is inside physics department. From p.za Leonardo da Vinci go all the way through and find physics on your left.
Room Rossa is first floor)

The following personnel have registered into the meeting:

Ass. Prof. Konstantinos Petridis (TEIoC)
Prof. G. Lanzani (POLIMI)
Ass. Prof. F. Scotognela (POLIMI)
Ass. Prof. S. Blanco (Twente)
Dr M. Batentschul (FAU)
Dr I. Lefkos (W2L)
Dr Y. Taylosef (BIU)
Prof. R. Blonder (WIS)
Dr M. Zochar (SCE)
Acc. Prof. A. Handelman (HIT)
Mr E. Shmueli (MEITAL)
Mrs H. Sasson (BGU)
Dr I. Konidakis (IESL-FORTH)

The meeting discussions & Decisions have been video – recorded. The videos & the meetings’ minutes will be uploaded into the iPEN shared google drive files. The meeting will start at 1000 hrs and will have completed on the 1300 hrs, on Monday the 13th of May 2019.



Dr Petridis’ presentation can be found here

Very briefly the following decisions were taken:

  • All the offline modules material to be ready by the end of June 2019
  • The audio or/and video input should have finished by the end of October 2019
  • The next meeting and Intensive Course will take place in Erlangen, Germany. The proposed dates are 28th of Oct. to the 30th of Oct. or the 4th of November to the 6th. A Doodle will be set after the end of the School in POLIMI
  • Financial and Progress Reports will be requested in a two months base – starting from the end of July 2019
  • The Dissemination Actions from the Israeli Partners should be intensified