5th iPEN Progress Meeting, 4th of November 2019, Erlangen, FAU, Germany

Dear iPEN partners,

The 5th Progress Meeting of the iPEN Project will take place in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany on Monday the 4th of November 2019. The meeting will be hosted by Chair of Polymer Materials of the Department of Materials of FAU (Martensstr. 7, D-91058 Erlangen, Room 3.71)and will start at 1000 and is expected to have been finished at 1300 hrs. Our local host and responsible person (with me) for the meeting will be Dr. Miroslaw Batenschuk (contact email: miroslav.batentschuk@ww.uni-erlangen.de)


The Chair of Polymer Materials Building, Erlangen, FAU, Germany

Traveling guidelines on (a) how to travel to Erlangen; (b) where to stay in Erlangen; (c) transportation from Nurenberg to Erlangen can be found below

  • Travel Options how to reach Erlangen (the closest International Airports are Nurenberg and Munich) can be found here
  • The local organizers suggest iPEN lecturers & progress meeting participants’ to stay in Gasterhaus am Heuss – Platz hotel. The cost per night for a double room is 79 Euros and is only ten minutes from the venue – see map below
  • Other accommodation options in Erlangen can be found here
  • List of hotels in Erlangen is attached here
  • Bus Network within Erlangen, please check here
  • The cost of lunch in the Department’s canteen for full board is six euros 

The financial reimbursement will be according to the fixed tariffs of the project, which are:

  • 120 Euros per day (including the traveling days) as subsistence costs (includes hotel, lunches & dinners) for the participants traveling outside of Germany
  • Based on the Agency’s Distance calculator the traveling expenses will be covered as follows: (a) each Israeli participant will receive 360 Euros; (b) participants from Hellenic Mediterranean University, IESL – FORTH, and W2L will get 275 Euros; (c) participants from POLIMI and Twende will get 180 Euros

The main topics to be discussed will be:

  • The status of the offline material regarding the assigned to the partners’ modules
  • The status of the audio/visual preparations and status of the assigned to the partners’ modules
  • The feedback received from the submitted progress report to the Agency – things to correct
  • The allocation of the funds of the 2nd received installment (40% of your allocated budget) based on the already reported expenses – Financial Report of the already submitted expenses
  • Exploitation Plan of the developed modules from the consortium and particular from the Israeli Partners – Synergy with other actions & programs
  • The Dissemination Plan and Future Actions (e.g. the 2nd Newsletter, presentations in Erasmus Weeks and Conferences, Publications)
  • The evaluation of the 2nd management report
  • Preparations & Dates of the forthcoming Intensive Course in the Netherlands
  • Discussion of the actions will take place during the next two days along the 3rd Intensive Course in Erlangen (4th – 6th of November 2019)

The meeting will be video recorded and the minutes will be uploaded into the google drive (Workpackage five). For the European partners, eduroam is working within FAU facilities. For the Israeli partners, the local hosts will secure usernames & passwords to be connected with the local Wi-Fi network. The participants’ list can be found here. The agenda of the meeting can be found here. The coordinator’s presentation can be found here


4th Progress Meeting, 4th of November 2019, FAU, Erlangen, Germany

Decisions Taken

  • The next Intensive Course will take place in Enschede, Netherlands and hosted by the University of Twente.  Its topic will be nanophotonics (e.g. nanolasers, nanoparticles, nanosensors, nano transistors) and soft skills (reading & writing a scientific paper, presentation skills, conflict management, Journal Club Actions, and Poster Session). The school will take place at the beginning of May 2020. A Doodle Voting will be released soon
  • All the modules should have completed by April 2020 (offline & audio or videocasting). The local coordinators should deal with the ‘sleepy’ partners within their Institutions
  • A dissemination event in the form of a school in Israel will take place. SCE should decide if can host such an event at the end of June or at the beginning of September 2020
  • The next cost statement should be sent to the coordinator  by the end of November 2019
  • More frequent communication, with group Skype meetings, will be established every in a two-month base