An Introduction to Fundamental Optics


In this course we will give an introduction to fundamental optics, discussing the properties of light and its propagation, of optical components, the phenomena of interference and diffraction. We will introduce some aspects related to absorption, scattering and dispersion. Finally, an outlook on light sources and optical instruments will be presented,


1) Properties of light: propagation of light, refractive index, laws of reflection and refraction
2) Prisms, Lenses, Mirrors
3) Ray tracing
4) Wave optics
5) Interference and diffraction
6) Absorption and scattering
7) Dispersion
8) Polarization of light
9) Source of light and optical instruments

Learning Outcomes

To give students an introductory understanding of the principles of optics


F. A. Jenkins, H. E. White, Fundamentals of Optics
Introduction to Optics, Pedrotti & Pedrotti & Pedrotti

External Evaluator

Prof. Fabio Cicoira

Responsible Academic

Prof. Francesco Scotognella (POLIMI)

Awarded ECTS