Entrepreneurship in NanoSciencies


This module will introduce students to entrepreneurship and to basic technology terms as well as to local and international high-tech systems. Providing the students with tools enabling them to get familiarize with companies and startups, as well as to analyze technological trends before joining the high- tech field job market. This module will provide students with capabilities enabling their thesis commercial potential analysis, including writing a business appendix


  1. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and the entrepreneurial character / Start-up: life cycle, critic decisions, success rate and failure reasons
  2. Global trends: From startup to innovation
  3. Needs determination, window of opportunity, market valuation, market trend analysis, idea development
  4. Valuating your Idea- SWOT analysis, business and technological feasibility
  5. Core and complementary capabilities, team building
  6. Business strategic: different types and business development / Lean startup + blue ocean strategies
  7. JIT, LEAN PRODUCTION, TQM, MBO, time and project management
    Finance program and ROAD MAP – GANNT CHAR, TRL
  8. Risks management, company establishing: stages, fund rounds and investors- finance report reading, economic, legal and practical aspects
  9. IP: legal and other aspect of patents
  10. Executive summary, one pager and business plan writing as well as preparation of investors presentation

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand the economical, legal and practices aspects of entrepreneurship
  2. The student will know and understand the terminology of the technology ecosystem in Israel and worldwide
  3. Understand and analyze content from business and technological related assays and articles
  4. Analyze the business potential of an initiative project


Eric Ries (2011). The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses. Crown Business

External Evaluator

Dr Neta Kela 

Email: neta.kela@gmail.com

Responsible Academic

Dr Moshe Zohar (SCE)

Email: moshezo@ac.sce.ac.il

Awarded ECTS