Fundamentals of Laser Pulses


This module will present (a) the fundamentals of generation of laser pulses; (b) the techniques to pulse shorten and measure laser pulse duration; and (c) the of pulsed laser devices as well as their applications. The module will start with the most famous techniques of laser pulses generation: Q-Switching and Mode Locking. Pulse shortening techniques will follow. Continuously measurement methodologies using the Kerr Effect, Prisms, DBR Mirrors and Interferometry will be presented.
The final part will contain various pulsed laser systems we use in nanotechnology laboratories. Closing a number of applications of pulsed laser devices will be presented on areas like telemetry, communications, spectroscopy, medicine, digital media (CD, DVD).


1. Fundamentals of laser pulse: the propagation of laser pulses in dispersive media
2. Fundamentals of Q-Switching Technique: Physics, Passive & Active Q- Switching
3. Fundamentals of Mode-Locking Technique: Physics, Passive & Active Mode Locking
4. Chirped – pulse amplification (CPA)
5. Pulse Shortening Techniques: Self Phase Modulation, Using the Group Velocity Dispersion, Pulse Compression with Gratings, Prisms and DBR Mirrors
6. Measuring Laser Pulses using the Optical Kerr Effect
7. Measuring Laser Pulses using Two – Photon Ionization Mass Spectroscopy
8. Measuring Laser Pulses using Interferometry
9. Pulsed Laser Systems: Semiconductors, Solid State Lasers, Gas Lasers, Optical Parametric Oscillators & Amplifiers
10. Telemetry, communications, spectroscopy, medicine, digital media (CD, DVD), etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning Fundamentals of Laser Pulses and Laser Pulse Laser Shaping & Measurement
  • Learning about applications and basics on relative devices on Pulsed Laser Systems


1. Laser Fundamentals by W.T. Silfvast, Cambridge University Press
2. Video recording technology, Arch C. Luther, Boston : Artech House.
3. Principles of Lasers, O. Svelto
4. Laser Engineering, Kelin J. Kuhn, University of Washington
5. Applied laser spectroscopy: techniques instrumentation and applications, New York : VCH
6. Laser ultrasonics: techniques and applications, Scruby C.B., New York: Taylor and Francis
7. Handbook of fiber optic data communication, San Diego: Academic Press
8. Technical manuals and Datasheet.

External Evaluator

To be announced

Responsible Academic

Dr Konstantinos Petridis (TEI of Crete)

Awarded ECTS