How to Develop Oral Presentation Skills


Oral presentation skills are part of the soft skills set of modules which is aimed towards candidates who want to carry out academic work in English. The training approach is modular to recognise the fact that not all candidates are required to develop all the skills to the same level.
Candidates are expected to handle language commonly used over the normal range of academic matters with which a university department may be required to deal.


1.Oral presentations
1.1 Before the presentation
1.2 During the presentation
1.3 Task: You will have to deliver a a 5 minutes presentation. You can deliver your presentation on Skype, during a 10 minutes conversation with an academic tutor, OR online, by submitting a recording (audio or video) of your presentation on the Learning Management System of the project.

Learning Outcomes

Candidates are expected to demonstrate that they are effective communicators and accepted as such by native speakers with whom they are likely to come into contact. The delivery mode will be online. Content will be made available on the Learning Management System of the iPEN project and a speaking exercise will be carried out with a professional tutor online.


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Collier, V. P. (1989). How long? A synthesis of research on academic achievement in a second language. TESOL quarterly, 23(3), 509-531.

External evaluator

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Responsible Academic

Tatiana Codreanu, Ph.D. (W2L)