How to use the Moodle Platform


In this module we will introduc the teachers to the Moodle learning management system, give them the tools to use the platform in effective ways. Expose them to the learning technologies and tools that will improve the learning and teaching processes.


  • Module I: Introducing to Moodle platform
  • Install a Moodle platform into your desktop
  • How to use the MOODLE Platform
  • How to develop a course
  • Module II: How to create a course on Moodle platform
  • how to set up your courses
  • how to use the text editor and what the icons mean
  • how to involve students actively in their learning
  • how to add static materials to your course
  • how to add extra items and information to the sides of your course page
  • Module III: How to integrate Multimedia in to the course
    How to integrate Images, audio files and video content within the Moodle courses
  • Module III: Using Moodle Activities
    we will explore the most critical tools used for assessment of learning in Moodle assignments for students, how to create and integrate quizzes and Survey.
  • Week IV: Using Moodle Collaboratively
    The Workshop module provides a peer-assessment tool within Moodle courses, and the Wiki provides opportunities for learners to collaboratively and create content. RSS is a technology enabling you to pull news stories from others sites into your course, or push use the forum to increase the communication beetwin the students.
  • Module V: Coursemanagement
    Using Moodle as an effective learning environment requires more than just writing good content. Actively and skillfully managing learners and courses is a vital teacher skill.

Learning Outcomes

Teachers and students will be able to use the Moodle learning platform, help them to create and develop an online course, integrate learning content into the courses, and use deafferents tools to supports the pedagogical needs.


External Evaluator

Nadav Kavalerchik, (Moodle expert)

Responsible Academic

Eli Shmueli, Miki Alliel, IUCC

Awarded ECTS