How to write, review, submit a scientific paper and how to make presentations in public


This is one of the first courses that aims to give some advice to students and new scholars on how to (a) write, and (b) review a scientific paper. The course will provide all the tips a young scientist should know in order to decide (a) when to start to write; (b) how to design & construct the outline of its paper; (c) the main points to address along with its scientific paper. Moreover, the course will suggest some actions in order to help young scholars and students to improve their scientific writing, mainly focus on Journal Club actions.  Finally, all the steps and the procedure to be followed from the submission to the reply to the reviewers will be presented


  • What is a scientific paper
  • Why is important to publish
  • How to construct your paper
  • How to assess your work
  • How to publish your work
  • Ethics in publishing
  • The Journal Club Action
  • How to review a paper
  • How to submit a research paper
  • How to respond to reviewers
  • How to prepare and execute a presentation in public

Learning Outcomes 

  • Building Research Journal Skills
  • Building Reading Skills
  • Building Confidence in Reading, Assessing Scientific Literature
  • Building your Writing Skills
  • Building your Public Presentation Skills
  • Building your stress, time management skills
  • Learn how to collaborate with others and other scientific disciplines
  • Learn new software related to search, store, and update Research Papers
  • Building your presentation skills


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External Evaluator: Prof. George Maliaras (Cambridge University) 

Responsible Academic: Dr Konstantinos Petridis (TEI of Crete)

Award ECTS: 2