iPENs’ Progress Face to Face Meetings

The purpose of the face to face meetings along the iPEN project is to evaluate the project’s progress according to its set objectives and agreed timeline. During these meetings all the partners should inform the rest of the consortium about their progress, the achieved objectives and the set future targets.

The face to face meetings will take place every six months and in parallel with an Intensive Course.

To monitor more efficient the project’s progress individual Skype Meetings will set by the coordinator in a 3months base.

More information regarding the individual meetings please visit the corresponding sub-page.

List of all Meetings

  • Online Meeting on the 17th of December 2020. The main topics discussed:
    • The following training / academic events are planned to take place by the middle of October:
      The School in Twente (nanophotonics), will take place face to face on the 26th & 27th of July 2021. The situation will be re-accessed by the end of May to check how the current situation has been changed. In case that the travel restrictions will exist we will run it remotely
      The school in Crete will be run sometime between the end of September and the middle of October 2020; the dates will be confirmed by the middle of June 2020
      An online school in Soft Skills needed for learning & research purposes will be run on the 1st & 2nd of March 2021. We will have four hours of activities each day. W2L will coordinate this action and more news will be circulated at the beginning of January. Since in this topic WIS, HMU, BGU, and W2L are involved (along with the development of courses), these Institutions are expected to contribute with a lecture (it can be related to the course they have developed in the iPEN). We are going also to invite two keynote speakers (one per each day) if you have ideas please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Zourou
      The European partners will run an online fundamental course in Laser & Applications for Israeli undergraduate students in HIT, and SCE. I will send to the European partners the proposed curriculum and I will request from Amir and Moshe to tell me if this will be possible and what is the best period to run such a module (total 24 hours in duration). Amir and Moshe, please come back to me by the end of December.
      A series of online colloquial talks in Nanotechnology & Photonics is discussed to run, starting from the beginning of March. Each talk should be research-oriented and the objective of this action will be the building of research synergies between Europe and Israel in the fields of nanotechnology, photonics, and applications (iPEN topics)
    • Equipment
      The budget for the equipment can be increased from 221000 Euros to 243100 Euros. The extra budget will come as a result of transferring funds from other budget categories. This transfer of funds to the equipment will be approved (so justify it) only for online teaching purposes (equipment that is linked to the needs of teaching iPEN courses because of the COVID-19 situation). Please act fast and justify well. It will be nice to have your proposals by the end of December 2020
    • Publications – Open Source
      There is an opportunity to publish two open-access Journal papers on topics that are related to the iPEN. For example, since iPEN is developing modules in photonics & nanotechnology one topic that can be covered is a review paper on the work that has been done in these topics to fight COVID-19. Another topic could be an International Comparison of the impact of COVID-19 in teaching & research; where iPEN develops modules in teaching science (how to teach nanotechnology) and thus the actions of the project will be addressed.
  • Online Meeting on the 25th of February 2021. The main topics discussed:
    • The online event in Soft & Learning Skills we will run through Zoom Platform on the 1st & 2nd of March 2021 (another email will follow)
    • The start of the iPEN Colloquial talks in Photonics in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering in BIU start on the 17th of March 2021 (another email will be sent to you after a reconfirmation I will get from the local hosts in some technicalities)
    • In the two courses, we will run in SCE and HIT during this semester and the summer one respectively; we have to check out how the European partners can offer a lecture on a specific topic (I will say mainly focused on a laser application). I will make some proposals (please check the curriculum and prepare your ideas)
    • Please inform me the Israelis (or prepare for Thursday’s meeting) partners only which of the iPEN modules you have accredited already (i suspect mainly the ones you are running already in your curriculum)
    • The missing financial reports (April 2019 – October 2020)
    • External Evaluation of the lectures
  • Online Meeting on the 29th of April 2021. The main topics discussed:
    • The Online Course – hosted by Twente in Nanophotonics and Applications
    • The final school in Crete
    • The completion of courses by all the partners
    • The contribution from the European partners in the courses we already run in SCE and will be run in HIT during the summer semester
    • The submission of an Erasmus Mundus Design Measures; is fundamental to the funding of a period of 16-months to prepare a joint MSc according to the standards of an Erasmus Mundus MSc degree (the topic: Photo-Nano Interfaces)