Laser Optics and Instrumentation


This module will present the optical components and instrumentation required for the development of laser associated experiments. The module will start with the basic optical tools and light manipulation optics-filters, their working principle and the material choice will be provided. Basic principles of waveplates and retarders for polarization control will be envisaged along with non linear media and common methods for acquiring the spatial and temporal characteristics of a laser beam. The students will be familiar with the following instrumentation: Oscilloscope, mechanical shutter, spectrometers, photo-diodes.


Lesson 1: Presentation of basic optical tools for light manipulation.
Lesson 2: Principles of laser beam polarization control.
Lesson 3: Non-linear optical media.
Lesson 4: Spatial and temporal characteristics of laser beams.
Lesson 5: Examples of laser-assisted experiments.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the operation of optical components.
Knowledge on laser beam polarization characteristics and temporal properties.
Knowledge on setting up laser associated experiments.


S. Nagabhushana and N. Sathyanarayana, Lasers and optical instrumentations, I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. (2010).

External Evaluator

To be announced

Responsible Academic

Evangelos Skoulas and Andreas Lemonis (IESL – FORTH)

Awarded ECTS