Management Team

The iPEN project consists of nine Higher Educational Institutes, three Research Centers, and one SME. the project manual that governs projects’ procedures can be downloaded from here.

Beyond the funded partners in the project participate five associated partners from Greece, Germany, Austria, and Israel. More particular


  1. Technological Educational Institute of Crete (iPEN Coordinator Institution) / Department of Electronic Engineering / Nanomaterials & Advanced Electronics Group/ Contact Person: Dr Konstantinos Petridis
  2. Politechnico di Milano / The Physics Department / Italian Institute of Technology / Contact Person: Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani / Dr. Federico Vettori
  3. University of Twente / MENSA NanoLab / See Why University of Twente participates in iPEN /Contact Person: Dr. Herman Offerhaus
  4. Friendrich – Alexander Universiteit Erlangen / i-MEET Institute /Contact Person: Dr. Miroslaw Batentschuk
  5. Institute of Electronic Structure and Lasers / Ultrafast Laser Micro and Nano Processing Laboratory / Contact Person: Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis
  6. Web2Learn (SME) / Contact Person: Dr Katerina Zourou
  7. Bar Ilan University / BINA Research Center / Contact Person: Dr. Yossi Talyosef
  8. Weizmann Institute of Technology /Department of Science Teaching / Contact Person: Prof. Ron Blonder
  9. Sami Shamoon College of Engineering /Electrical and Electronics Engineering/See Why SCE participates in the iPEN project/Contact Person: Dr. Moshe Zohar
  10. Holon Institute of Technology /The Faculty of Engineering /See Why Holon Institute of Technology participates in the iPEN / Contact Person Dr Amir Handelman
  11. Machba – Interuniversity Computation Center / Contact Person: Dr Eli Shmueli
  12. Ben Gurion University of the Negev /Department of Life Sciences & Solar National Center/ See Why BGU participates in the iPEN / Contact Person: Dr Raz Zarivach
  13. Technion Israel Institute of Technology /Nano Based Devices Laboratory/See Why TECHNION participates in iPEN / Contact Person: Prof. Hossam Haick