Online Courses

The iPEN project targets to cultivate and offer training in three sections: (1) in photonics skills requested from the nanotechnology & market needs; (2) in soft skills most requested from the market needs; and (3) in teaching, offline and online, skills of the academics in order to become better teachers.

The iPEN modules are divided into categories regarding their duration: in long and short modules. The former last 10 lecture sessions, (2 hours per lecture session – total 20 hours) and the latter last 5 lecture sessions (2 hours per session – total 10 hours).

The iPEN photonics oriented modules are divided into two categories: fundamental and technical modules. The idea behind the project is its modules to be able to be exploited by any academic within existed courses or to use the iPEN modules as lego bricks and build a new course.

All the iPEN module material is uploaded into the iPEN Moodle educational platform, please click here 

Advanced Experimental Methods in Optics and Photonics
An Introduction to Fundamental OpticsPOLIMI
An Introduction to Laser Physics and SystemsTEI of Crete
An Introduction to Quantum Optics
Biomedical and Biosensing Optical DevicesChania
Building Personal Resilience
Electromagnetic Radiation and Optical Properties
Entrepreneurship in NanoSciencies
FTIR, UV - VIS Spectroscopy
Fundamental of Optoelectronics
Fundamentals of Laser Pulses
Fundamentals of Nanosensors
How to Develop Critical Thinking
How to Develop Oral Presentation Skills
How to develop scientific writing
How to Improve Teaching in the Modern Era
How to use the Moodle Platform
How to write & review a scientific paper
Introduction to Materials and Nanotechnology (for High School Teachers)
Introduction to Nonlinear Optics
Lab Instrumentation of a NanoLab
Laser Optics and Instrumentation
Laser Safety
Nanotechnlogies and Nanodevices
Open Science and Copyright Policy
Optical Characterization of Solar Cells
Optical Engineering Principles
Photonic Sintering and Structuring & Lab Demo
Principles of Development of an online course: Principles & Applications
Principles of Nano – Photonic & Plasmonic Devices
Principles of Non-Linear Imaging
Principles of SEM & TEM Imagine Techniques & Lab Demo
Principles of X-ray Techniques & Lab Demo
Raman Spectroscopy Fundamentals
RF and Intergraded Protonic Principles
Silicon Photonics
Soft/Transferable Laboratory Skills
Time Resolved Spectroscopy
Video Experiment Demos