Quality Assurance Team & Actions

The QA plan is now available and can be downloaded here

The external evaluator of the project will be EVM from Spain. The main responsibility for the external evaluation will be Mr Ricardo Tavio. The main framework of the external evaluation is described in the following link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/175bGNaeuT-K8v9oByYNGfmJ6gAiFuFNIpOBkADuLvmI/edit?usp=sharing

The external evaluator will be in contact with the partners in a two months base in order to check their collaboration, the achievement of the projects’ objectives and quality of the implemented Intensive Courses.

Actions Taken on the frame of the Q/A Process 

  1. Dr K. Zourou (leading WP3 РQ/A) launched on the 20th of October 2018, the 1st Quality Assurance Assesment regarding the iPEN management actions and performance for the 1st year of the project. The deadline to participate (an obligation for all the partners) is on the 25th of November 2018. The link to the questionnaire is here. It has been agreed that this process will take place every six months from now and then. The report for the 1st year has been uploaded into the google drive of the project
  2. An internal team to assess the quality of the iPEN educational deliverables has been formed; the team is headed by the project coordinator Ass. Prof.  Konstantinos Petridis, Mr Yossi Taylosef, Ass. Prof. Francesco Scotognella, Prof. Ron Blonder, Mr Eli Shmueli and Mr Ricardo Tavio. This team main task is to evaluate and provide internal feedback for (a) the module be developed by the partners and according to have agreed; (b) the intensive courses taking place during the project. The main tool to be employed will be online evaluation forms and questionnaires
  3. Mr Ricardo Tavio has summarised the feedback received from the participants after the end of the 1st Intensive Course hosted in Weizman Institute of Science in October 2018, in Israel. The report can be found here
  4. Mr Ricardo Tavio has summarised and constructed the report extracted from the WP1 – Preparation Surveys. The report can be found here. The infographics designed based on the main results extracted from WP1 surveys is depicted below.

  • EVM has completed and submitted to the coordinator the evaluation report regarding the 3rd Intensive Program on the frame of the iPEN project that took place in Erlangen. Please download the report by clicking here