Open Science and Copyright Policy


This module targets transversal skills of participants in the iPEN project and is an introduction to the approaches, tools and common practices of Open Science. Concomitant terms (Open Notebook, Open Data, Open Research Software, Open Access) are explained and further developed as they can directly enrich each step of the scholarly lifecycle.


Section 1: Openness
Section 2: Openness in research: why?
Section 3: What is open science?
Section 4: open access to scientific publications
Section 5: Other forms of publishing
Section 6: open access to data
Section 7: choosing the right medium(s) to release your research
Section 8: Research ethics
Section 9: FAIR data management
Section 10: Open Science and research workflow
Section 11: Open research summary


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Katerina Zourou, Ph.D (W2L)

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