2nd Intensive Course in Laser Spectroscopy and Safety, Physics Department of Politechnico Di Milano, Milano, Italy (13 -16th of May 2019)



The 2nd Intensive Course (IC) in Laser Technology, Laser Spectroscopy and Laser Safety on the frame of the iPEN project will take place from the 13th to the 16th of May 2019. The host venue will be the Physics Department of Politechnico Di Milano, in Milano Italy. Beyond the main topic of the IC, other topics to be presented will be the soft skills a scientist should have and modern teaching tools in nano – sciences.

Analytically the topics will be covered are:

  • History of the Laser
  • Fundamentals of Lasers
  • Laser Mater Interaction Fundamentals
  • Spectroscopic Instrumentation
  • Laser Raman Spectroscopy
  • Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy
  • Time Absorption Spectroscopy
  • XUV ultrafast spectroscopy
  • Laser Femto and Atto-second Laser Pulses
  • Laser Nano-acoustics & Applications
  • Laser Biomimetics & Nanopatterning
  • Scientific Writing & Presentation Skills
  • Open Science Principles
  • Poster Session
  • Laboratory Tour

The list of the speakers – lecturers is under development, but until now includes pioneers of the targeted fields like:

Prof. Orazio Svelto (POLIMI, Italy) (please check)

Prof. James Schuck (Columbia University, USA) (please check)

Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani (IIT, Italy) (please check)

Prof. Mauro Nisoli (POLIMI, Italy) (please check)

Prof. Giulio Cerullo (POLIMI, Italy) (please check)

Prof. Emmanuel Stratakis (IESL-FORTH, Greece) (please check)

Prof. Nektarios Papadogiannis (TEI of Crete, Greece) (please check)

Ass. Francesco Scotognella (POLIMI, Italy) (please check)

Prof. Dror Fixler (Bar Ilan University, Israel) (please check)


Lecture Program: it can be downloaded here

Poster Session, please click here

Poster: (it can be downloaded from here)


Presentation Template to be used, please click here

Lecture Room(s)

Monday 13th of May: Room Beltrami ground floor (building 5) – start at 1415 hrs

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th: Room ROGERS ground floor (building 11)


The organizing committee

Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani (POLIMI, Italy)

Ass. Prof. Francesco Scotognella (POLIMI, Italy)

Ass. Konstantinos Petridis (TEIoC, Greece)

Local Coordinator 

Mrs Stefania Mosca


Useful Information Before the School 

Number of Participants per Partner: 

The iPEN Israeli partners have received the funds to transport six students and two Academics. The European Partners have received funds to register into the event two Academics and three students. The maximum stay of students will be four days whereas for the participating academics will be five (one for the management progress meeting (only for those participating in the meeting).

The travel and the subsistence expenses of the participants will be done using the flat rates of the project which are the following:


Partner Status Flight FareCost of Stay Fare
TEI of Crete Academics 275 Euros120 Euros
TEI of Crete Students 275 Euros 55 Euros
FAU Academics 180 Euros 120 Euros
FAU Students 180 Euros 55 Euros
IESL Academics275 Euros120 Euros
IESL Students 275 Euros55 Euros
Twente Academic 275 Euros120 Euros
Twente Students 275 Euros 55 Euros
W2LAcademics275 Euros120 Euros
Israeli Partners Academics 360 Euros120 Euros
Israeli Partners Students 360 Euros 55 Euros


Services: The local hosts will offer free of charge (a) coffee breaks; (b) lunches to all the participants during these two days of the event. Moreover, the University restaurants and canteens will be accessible for the participants during their operational working times

Accommodation: The local hosts have suggested the following hotel options close to the venue (P.zza Leonardo Da Vinci 32)

  1. Hotel Gamma Via Valvassori Peroni, 85 20133 Milano – Italia, Tel. +39 02 26413152 Fax  39 02 264025p5 www.hotelgammamilano.it
  2. Hotel Dieci Largo Rio de Janeiro, 12 – 20133 Milano (Italy), Tel. +39 02 70608180 fax +39 02 26684206 www.hoteldieci.it
  3. Oasi Village Hotel Viale Lombardia, 20 – 20131 Milano, Italia, Tel. 0039.02.23951472 • Fax 0039.02.70606666 www.oasivillagehotel.it
  4. Hotel San Francisco Viale Lombardia 55 – 20131 Milano, Italia, Tel. 39 02 2360302 Fax 39 02 26680377 www.hotel-sanfrancisco.it
  5. Hotel Dorè Via Paganini, 7 | 20131 Milano, Italia, Tel. +39.02.29510859 Fax +39.02.2047174 www.hoteldore.com

  6. Viva Hotel Via Giacinto Gallina, 12, 20129 Milano, Tel. +39 02 36631070 FAX +39 02 36631078 www.vivahotelmilano.com
  7. Hostel Via Ponzio 75 20131 Milano, Tel. +39 0284175463 https://urbancittastudi.newgenerationhostel.it/#/hostel

  8. Airbnb option: This is the best option since a group of people (especially students) can rent a flat with much less money than the daily refunding will get from the program. For your convenience add the venue address to find something closeby P.zza Leonardo Da Vinci 32. However Milano has a well organized metro network that you can be anywhere quiet easy (please do not forget to use the google maps as well!!!)
  • Documents to keep:

All the participants (teachers and students) should provide to the coordinator copies of the following documents:

  1. Flight Booking Report
  2. Flight Fare Invoice
  3. Hotel Fare Invoice
  4. Boarding Passes
  5. Complete and signed the Individual Flight Report – please download it from the online document store of this website

The participants should email all the aforementioned documents to the coordinator (c.petridischania@gmail.com) one week after the event the latest.  The original documents should be delivered to the participant’s host Institution from where the refunding according to the aforementioned rates will be implemented

During the Event 

  • All the lecture notes are available and uploaded into the google drive. If someone is interested in a specific lecture session please contact us. The video lectures are under preparation
  • On the 16th of May 2019, all the participants should evaluate the school following this link
  • The evaluation report as composed by the external evaluator – the report can be found here
  • The exam paper and the received responses can be viewed here 
  • The overall memory Video from the School can be viewed here
  • All the Lecture Videos and Lecture Transparencies have been uploaded onto the iPEN Moodle and iPEN shared google drive file