Time Resolved Spectroscopy


In this course we will introduce the fundamentals of time resolved spectroscopy, discussing briefly pulse generation techniques and ultrashort optical pulses properties, the light matter interaction relevant to ultrafast processes and the phenomena occurring following ultrafast excitation in molecules and solids. Finally, an outlook on new emerging techniques will be presented


1) Techniques for ultrashort pulse generation
2) Ultrashort light pulses properties and characterization
3) The pump probe technique
4) Non linear third order response and the effective linear approximation
5) Time resolved photoluminescence
6) Photoexcitation scenario in molecules
7) Photoexcitation scenario in semiconductors
8) Time dependent light matter interaction: vibrational coherence
9) Multi pulses techniques

Learning Outcomes

To give students a background in dynamics in materials, and an introduction on experimental techniques to study it.

External Evaluator

Prof. Cesare Soci (NTU Singapore)

Responsible Academic

Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani (POLIMI)

Award ECTS