Video Experiment Demos


This module includes videos of laser-assisted fabrication, microscopy, and processing experiments. Namely, the first video presents the development of perovskite absorber films for photovoltaic applications, by means of laser irradiation, whereas the second video demonstrates the laser-processing of metal and glassy materials. In addition, the formation of metal and perovskite nano-particles by means of laser irradiation procedures is video filmed and presented. Finally, another video illustrates the study of non-linear optical properties of various photonic materials by means of laser-scanning imaging microscopy.


Video 1: Laser-assisted crystallization of perovskite films.
Video 2: Laser-processing of metals and inorganic oxide glasses.
Video 3: Laser-scanning imaging microscopy of photonic materials.
Video 4: Formation of metal and perovskite nano-particles by means of laser irradiation.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrating the importance of laser-assisted processing and fabrication techniques.


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[4] Ultrafast Laser Micro- and Nano-processing Group (IESL) web page:

External Evaluator

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Responsible Academic

Dr Ioannis Konidakis (IESL-FORTH)

Awarded ECTS