Virtual Library

Hi iPEN partners and followers!! The scope of this page, called the Virtual Library, is to collect videos and publications very much related to the scope and the objectives of the iPEN project. All the uploaded information will be categorized into the categories our planned courses & training activities are divided:  Photonics / Soft Skills Development / Teaching Techniques & Tools


  1. Richard Feynman’s talk in the annual meeting of 1959 in the American Physical Society ‘There is a Plenty of Room at the Bottom’check here


  1. The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2018 award in Laser Physics Scientists showing the importance and the impact of the fieldcheck here
  2. Check Prof. Gerald Mourou inspired interview about his Nobel Prize award in Physics (Laser Physics – Laser Pulses) 2018 – check here

Soft Skills 

  1. Why is important to develop young scientists soft skills very early, please check the work is done in Aalborg University Research Academy – check here

Teaching Skills & Tools